MSA Latchways WinGrip Vacuum Anchor System

The WinGrip lifeline system allows safe, hands-free fall protection for up to four workers working along the entire length of a wing or fuselage. It is an ideal solution during aircraft construction, heavier maintenance tasks or return operations. The system consists of two end anchor vacuum pads linked by cable, the length of which determines the number of intermediate pads required.

Key Facts

  • Always read user instructions before use
  • Intrinsically safe-uses no electricity and is powered by compressed air or nitrogen
  • Use indoor and out-fully tested and certified for use in wet or dry weather
  • Modular systems tailored to suit customers' requirements
  • Fall arrest rated
  • Audible alarm indicates low air supply

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MSA Latchways® Solutions for Aerospace

User Overview

1. Allows safe work at height along wings and fuselage.

2. Position WinGrip system centrally to the wing or fuselage.

3. Systems configured to provide complete fall protection coverage.

4. WinGrip single-user system and AIO (All-in-one) also available for short-term work.