Chillgard® LS Photoacoustic Infrared Refrigerant Monitor

The Chillgard LS Photoacoustic Infrared Refrigerant Monitor is the reliable choice for detecting the five most common refrigerants.

Part Number

Chillgard LS, R123, 4pt, Pump, 1000PPM, Beacon, Std Fltr, 4filter, Vac, none

  • Very stable and highly selective photoacoustic infrared (PIR) technology
  • Detects R123, R134a, R11,R12, R22—other refrigerant detection available
  • Three alarm levels
  • Easy-view LED power display
  • Tough water- and corrosion-resistant enclosure
  • ModBus output for communication to Chillgard LC Control Module
  • BACNet compatible